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Aputure COB 60X Package

Aputure COB 60X Package

What's Included:
2 x Aputure 60x COB LED Light
2 x Aputure Light Dome Mini ii
2 x Heavy Duty Light Stand
4 x Sony NP-F750 Li-ion Battery and Charger
(All individual item comes with their own package)

Package Price:
1 Day: $100 | 3 Day: $160 |
5 Day: $200 | 7 Day: $240 |
10 Day: $300 | 14 Day: $380 |

To Rent:
 Please type in 'Aputure 60x package) in our rental form

  • Planning an outdoor shoot? The Aputure dual 60x COB package comes with the 60x light, light dome mini and also 4x np-f750 batteries. A small yet powerful setup capable of usage both indoors and outdoors. 
    Good for small outdoor and multiple location shoots

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