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Sony NP-F750 Li-ion Battery and Charger (3rd Party)

Sony NP-F750 Li-ion Battery and Charger (3rd Party)

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What's Included:

2 x Sony NP-F750 Li-ion Battery

1 x Charger


Package Price:
1 Day: $12 | 3 Day: $16 |
5 Day: $20 | 7 Day: $28 |
10 Day: $40 | 14 Day: $44 |

To Rent:
Please type in ' NP-F750 battery" ' in our rental form

  • Battery Type: Li-ion 3. Voltage: 7.4V 4. Capacity: 4400mAh For the charger: 1. A/C power supply input voltage: AC 100V-240V,50-60Hz, Max 150mA 2. Output voltage: DC 8.4 V, 5500mAh 3. Color: Black 4. Charger Compatible with Sony NP-F550, 750, 970 batteries 5. Two pin plug Compatible With: Replace P/N: Sony NP-F330 NP-F530 NP-F550 NP-F570 NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F930 NP-F950

  • A Sidande brand NP-F750 Lithium for Sony camcorder and Yongnuo video light. Tape for eight hours at a stretch on your camcorder without replacing or recharging the battery. No Memory Effect allows you to recharge the battery at any time without affecting its ability to hold a full charge.

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