Haste Studio

Haste Studio is best known for the array of equipment we provide along with our stunning production setting. With several backgrounds and set-ups to choose from, the possibilities at Haste Studio are endless. Learn more about the features and options available to clients who choose us as their favourite Rental Studio!

1000 Square Feet

6m High Ceiling

Professional Camera Equipment

Carefully crafted, The Haste Studio provides exceptional space for all you creatives out there



With our 99% sunlight block out curtains, experience both day and night anytime



2 x Aputure C300d Mark II 1 x Aputure C120d Mark II 3 x GVM 520 LED Panel
2 x Nanlite 15C Pavotube 3 x Godox Sk400ii Strobe
(Additional equipment can be rented at a discounted price)

Lighting Modifiers & Support

1 x Aputure Light Dome ii
1 x Aputure Lantern
1 x Aputure Fresnel 2x Attachment
2 x Godox 60x90cm Softbox
1 x Godox 120cm Octagon Softbox 2 x 43 Inch Black & White Detachable Umbrella
2 x Barn Door with Colour Gel and Attachment
1 x 90x90cm Stainless Steel Reflector Flag 1 x 60x90cm 5 in 1 Flag
(Additional equipment can be rented at a discounted price)


2 x C Stands With Caster Wheels/Boom 3 x C Stands With Boom
4 x Heavy Duty Light Stands
3 x Normal Light Stands 1 x Apple Box
1 x Manfrotto 504 Fluid Head 546B Tripod
1 x Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod with 496RC2 Compact Ball Head Kit
5 x 5kg Sandbag 1 x Director Clapboard
5 x Extension Cables
5 x Multipurpose Clamp
6 x 2.7m x 11m Backdrop (Pure White, Black, Cement Grey, Apple Green, Sky Blue, Bumblebee Yellow)

Furniture & Props

1 x Hans 2 Seater Sofa (PU Dark Green)
2 x Hans 1 Seater Sofa (PU Dark Green)
1 x Mikla Coffee Table
1 x Escak Bar Table
2 x Benson High Chair
2 x Black High Chair
1 x STOENSE Carpet (133x195cm)
4 x Architecture/Photography Books
6 x Props Books
1 x Magazine/Book Holder
1 x 160cm x 80cm Painting
6 x Potted Plant
2 x 55 Inch TV Gaming Lounge At Mezzanine (Coming Soon!)


• Attached Washroom
• Guaranteed 50mbps Lan Connection/WiFi (Additional request can be arranged)
• Lan Cable (3m)
• Integrated Home Assistants / Node-Red (Dimmable/RGB Controllable Lights) • Automated Curtains
• 2 x Yamaha StagPas 400i Speakers
• Private Changing Room (Located in studio)
• Water Dispenser with Disposable Cups
• Snacks & Tea/Coffee • Clothes Steamer
• Clothes Hanger
• Dressing Table

Additional Add-Ons

• Smoke Machine (Inclusive of smoke liquid) - $20 flat rate rental • Backdrop cloth
• Foldable Tables (120cm x 60cm x 75cm) - $10 flat rate rental
• 4 x Photography Cubes (Sizes are in 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, 40cm x 40cm x 60cm, 30cm x 30cm x 80cm, 40cm x 40cm x 100cm) - $20 flat rate rental
• Tether Cable (4.6m USB to USB C) - $5 flat rate rental • Teleprompter - $25 flate rate rental • Projector with Screen - $60 flat rate rental • Nintendo Switch/PS4 rental with games - $20 flat rate rental

Not enough? Let us know! Additional equipment can be rented from us at a discounted price!


Weekday (Monday - Thursday) Weekday Hourly Rate: $50/Hour Minimum 2 hours booking Weekend (Friday - Sunday) Weekend Hourly Rate: $60/Hour Minimum 2 hours booking

Related Questions

• All price are final with no hidden fee or GST • Price are inclusive of all stated equipment and space, excluding additional add on apart from list • Surcharge of $15/Hr will be applicable if booking falls between 9pm - 7am
• A cleaning fee of $20 will be applied (If applicable) • Bookings can be made any time, but subjected to first come first serve and availability ​ • Booking of studio is welcomed before/after normal operating hours


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