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We are on cloud nine!

Welcome to Cloud Studio, where rattan style meets creative vision. Capture stunning photos and videos with our top-notch equipment and charming ambiance. Unleash your creativity and book your session today!


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Cloud Studio stands apart as a breath of fresh air, offering a perfect sanctuary for creators, photographers, and videographers alike.

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As you enter Cloud Studio, you are greeted by an ambience like no other. The rattan-themed decor instantly envelops you in a warm, earthy embrace.

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Just like our previous two studios, Cloud Studio comes fully equipped with a wide array of professional lighting and supports, ensuring you're well-prepared for your shoot 

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Your talents will find two makeup tables and a private changing area, ensuring they feel pampered and prepared for their creative endeavors!

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Cloud Studio is a playground for your imagination, equipped with an extensive collection of props and backdrops that cater to a wide range of creative visions.


Not enough? Let us know! Additional equipment can be rented from us at a discounted price!

Cloud Studio Floorplan

Floor plan of Cloud Studio


Weekday (Monday - Thursday)


Weekday Hourly Rate: $75/Hour

Minimum 2 hours booking

Weekend (Friday - Sunday)

Weekend Hourly Rate: $85/Hour

Minimum 2 hours booking

Additional $20 cleaning fee will be charged per session

Related Questions

• All price are final with no hidden fee or GST


• Price are inclusive of all stated equipment and space, excluding additional add on apart from list


• Surcharge of $20/Hr will be applicable if booking falls between 7pm - 7am


• Bookings can be made any time, but subjected to first come first

serve and availability ​


• Booking of studio is welcomed before/after normal operating hours, Cloud Studio operates 24/7

Package Rates

Cloud Studio Package Rate Card


Head over to our studio rental form here!

Locate Us

Cloud Studio is located at 47 Kallang Pudding Road #09-08 S349318. Ample parking within the building and easy access to the loading bay right in front of the building. Coffeeshop located right below the building.


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