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Where Modern Style Fuels Creative Sparks. Step into our contemporary space, where innovation thrives and artistic visions come to life. Welcome to Studio11, where every frame tells a story of creativity and passion.


Elevate your studio sessions with Studio11, a Renticulous branded experience like no other. Crafted with creativity and passion in mind, our studio features multiple sets, providing abundant choices for content creation. Nestled on level 11 (unit 11) of a tranquil industrial building, Studio11 guarantees minimal noise disruption, perfect for filming or podcast sessions. Unleash your creativity today!


Not enough? Let us know! Additional equipment can be rented from us at a discounted price!

Studio11 Floor Plan

Floor plan of Studio11


Package Rates


Head over to our studio rental form here!

Locate Us

Studio11 is located at 47 Kallang Pudding Road #11-11 S349318. Ample parking within the building and easy access to the loading bay right in front of the building. Coffeeshop located right below the building.


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