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SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro

SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro

What's Included:

1 x SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro
1 x Carbon Fiber Top Flag
1 x 67mm Adapter Ring
1 x 72mm Adapter Ring
1 x 77mm Adapter Ring
1 x 82mm Adapter Ring
1 x 2 x Allen Wrench

Package Price:
1 Day: $12 | 3 Day: $16 |

5 Day : $20 | 7 Day: $28 |

10 Day: $40 | 14 Day: $44 |

To Rent:
Please type in 'SmallRig mini mattebox pro' in our rental form

  • Attachment Method Lens Clamp
    Filter Stages 4 x 4 x 5.65"
    Lens Compatibility 95 mm Opening
    86 mm Opening (via Optional Adapter)
    82 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
    77 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
    72 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
    67 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
    62 mm Opening (via Optional Adapter)
    58 mm Opening (via Optional Adapter)
    55 mm Opening (via Optional Adapter)
    52 mm Opening (via Optional Adapter)
    Rod Standard 15 mm
    Swing-Away No
    Flags 1 x Top Flag
    1 x Side Flag
    Material Carbon Fiber
    Dimensions 6.6 x 5.4 x 2.1" / 167 x 137 x 54 mm
    Weight 13 oz / 368 g
  • With flexible installation options to clip to the lens of your mirrorless camera or using a rod system, the compact and lightweight SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro offers videographers a matte box with top and side flags and wings that are adjustable for maximum light blocking. The top and side flags can open up to 180°, and the side wings extend 40° to prevent light flares from disrupting your image quality. Additionally, the Mini Matte Box Pro comes with four adapter rings, two 4 x 5.65" filter trays, and a storage bag to hold it all.

    The Mini Matte Box Pro is compatible with 95mm lenses and comes with four adapter rings at 62, 72, 77, and 82mm to accommodate lenses of different sizes. Additionally, CPL and ND filters up to 92.5mm are supported. Four 1/4"-20 threads on top of the matte box allow you to mount additional accessories such as a secondary monitor, articulating arm, or light to increase your image quality.

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