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Understanding the difference in cameras

Updated: May 26, 2020

New to cameras? Terms like Full-Frame, APSC or Compact cameras sound alien? Fret not we are here to explain it to you!

For starters, terms like this are generally used to describe the sensor size of the camera. Different sensor types produce images of varying sizes and quality which we will elaborate below.

Cameras like Sony A7iii and Canon EOS R belong to the Full-frame 35mm family, which means that there is no cropping of the final image. In more technical terms, if you are using a 50mm lens for example, projected focal length of your image will also be 50mm with no cropping involved.

Meanwhile cameras like Sony A6500 and Fujifilm XT-2, which are known as the APSC type, have a smaller sensor, which means that the image produced would appear slightly zoomed as there is a crop effect. Using the same 50mm lens as before would produce an image of approximately 75mm focal length due to the cropping effect. 

Got the hang of it? Test yourself  with this scenario - what size and focal length of image would I get with a RX100 or RX10 , based on the infographic on the left.

Now that you know the differences in sensor size, it's easier to make a more informed choice on which would be suitable for you.

*image taken by renticulous' crew

Full-frame cameras are generally more costly due to their better image quality and processing ability, therefore it's considered a big investment. To help you make the decision we will break down the different features to take note of:

Improved low light performance: 

Because of the larger sensor size, a full frame camera is able to capture more light, which allows it to attain focus in darker environments, meaning you have a significantly higher chance to catch those spectacular nighttime skyline or portrait shots you desire.

Higher ISO performance:

The ISO of a camera is basically how sensitive and responsive the sensor is to light. There are a multitude of ISO settings to tailor to different situations but larger sensors in Full frame cameras allow for higher ISO settings, meaning that more light can be captured faster and this allows for faster shutter speeds, so you can capture images of fast moving subjects like F1 cars or a sprinter like Usain Bolt without the image being blurry. In other words a bigger sensor gives you the magical ability to freeze time and immortalise moments previously thought impossible.

More control over depth of field (BOKEH effect): 

Due to the cropping effect as explained above, certain cameras are advantageous in creating the widely desired "bokeh" effect where the background is blurred, letting the subject stand out. Full frame cameras allow the camera itself equipped with any lens to be positioned nearer the subject, allowing for a richer background blur effect.

Improved dynamic range and color depth: 

Bigger sensors have a better ability to accurately capture colours on the spectrum, making your images more vivid and colourful, rendering them more faithful to the actual colours in real life. What you see is what you get, unlike poor quality small sensors which produce yellowish or dull and drab colours, a real nightmare if you are on a once in a lifetime trip and want badly to capture the breathtaking scenery in front of you but realise your pictures look nothing as beautiful as what you see in real life.

Irregardless, picking the perfect camera to suit your personal needs can end up being a massive headache, whether you are renting or buying it. We recommend that using the above-mentioned camera features to set some criteria in objectively deciding what brands and models best suit you, instead of overspending on overrated models the big retailers aggressively push.

*image taken by renticulous' crew

The luxury of rental is that it gives you the opportunity to try and get a feel of the camera and assess for yourself without having to commit a large sum of money to buy something that you may not be totally satisfied with. 

We provide a diverse range of camera equipment to suit a myriad of different activities. Going for a once in a lifetime trip to an exotic location and want to immortalise the moment? Look no further than our premium range of Sony full frame cameras.

*image taken by renticulous' crew

We hope you are better informed about cameras after reading this! And of course if you have any more in depth questions, do contact us directly as our professional staff will happily recommend you the best options out there!

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