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More Than Just a Rental Shop

Our Story Renticulous officially started an official shop at Braddell in 2019, Specialising in both Video/Photo Equipment such as Mirrorless Cameras, Drones, Gopros and Many more.

We started off humbly on Carousell during 2017 as an home based business, renting mainly drones and gopros for travellers who are looking to get some adventure without breaking their banks. As our customer group increased over time, we decided to venture on as an official company in Singapore during 2019 and the rest is history!

Image of previous shop in Braddell.

Why Rent With Us?

We understand that not all of us travel often, whether it is a one time ski adventure at Switzerland or just a day out kayaking session with your friends, there is simply no reason for you to purchase a $500-$1000 drone or gopro just to use it once and kert in the closet for the rest of the year. With rental concept, you can get to enjoy the same equipment at a fraction of the price. With no after commitment and maintenance worry. Best thing of rental? You get to meet us!

Here at Renticulous, we have professional staff to get you through all the queries you might have before using the equipment, being confident and understanding the usage of some equipment is extremely important for you to achieve the type of footage you want for your trip.

Our products

We have tons of selections at Renticulous, here are some of our recommendations!


Mavic Mini 2 is one of the most popular drone model for travellers due to its small and compact size without compromising the quality of the footage recorded. Definitely a good choice if you are looking for something easy and fun to fly with!


Gopro has been around for since the launch of the first series back in 2004, with drastic improvement to its quality and also stabilisation, the Gopro 10 makes a perfect partner whether you are vlogging on land or diving in the sea! Renticulous package includes all the essential kit you need to start your adventure so hidden fee for accessories as well! DJI OSMO POCKET 2

A small yet powerful device, with a build in 5 axis stabilisation gimbal on the Osmo Pocket 2, except smooth like butter footage straight from your pocket! Connection to phone is just a click away as well and you are able to extract files directly too! Overall, rental experience can be scary if you are renting it for the first time and there might be a lot of worries with the equipment condition or usage. At Renticulous, we understand your concern and we promise to give you an satisfactory experience while you rent with us. Location: Tel. +65-98342704

Renticulous Equipment Rental: 6 Ubi Rd 1 #02-03, Singapore 408726 Haste Studio: 6 Ubi Rd 1 #02-03, Singapore 408726

Studio Eclipse: UB point 61 ubi avenue 1 #05-03


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