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Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Flash Head

Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Flash Head

What's Included:
1 x Diffuser Dome
3 x Warming Filters
1 x Filter Holder

1 x Green Filter 
1 x Honeycomb Grid
1 x Snoot
1 x Four-Way Barndoor Set
1 x Bounce Card w/ Frame
1 x Wide Lens

Package Price:

1 Day: $5 | 3 Day: $10 |

5 Day: $16 | 7 Day: $20 |

10 Day: $25 | 14 Day: $29 |

To Rent:
Please type in 'Godox AK-R1' in our rental form

  • One of the AD200 Pocket Flash's interchangeable heads is the Round Flash Head. This Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Flash Head contains magnetically-attached modifiers that maximize the capabilities of the head. The kit contains a snoot, four-way barndoors, and a honeycomb grid to narrow the light's beam and selectively light your subject. Conversely, a near-180-degree dome and a bounce card with a frame are provided to expand the beam. Finally, a filter set with three amber CT filters and one green fluorescent filter are also included.

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