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On the hunt for the perfect drone

Flying a drone can be both parts exciting and intimidating, allowing one to have literal eyes in the sky and view the world from a bird's eye perspective. 

 Having a basic understanding of the features and differences in drones is integral in choosing the right one for you.This is because different drones have varying capabilities and  performance types. Therefore in today's blog we are going to touch on these and what you need to know before you fly it for the first time!

*image taken by renticulous's crew

The very first drone we laid our hands on was the DJI Spark few years back when it was released, and we never looked back ever since, renting out the rest of the newer models like Mavic Air and Mavic Mini. 

Without a doubt DJI is the dominant brand in the drone industry with their hyper high performance drones capable of insane image quality and mobility. They represent the best and most reliable brand due to its relative user- friendliness and superior overall performance as compared with rivals brands which we tested. It is for this reason our collection mainly comprises of DJI drones, only the best for customers!

Below we make a brief comparison between the DJI models available for rent;

*image taken by renticulous's crew

These statistics would form the fundamental building blocks in your understanding of the different drones, for more in depth information you can head over to 

Our personal recommendations

For Beginner drone flyers: Mavic Air

 Due to the relative ease of use, compactness and low cost, it is perfect for first time flyers to get a hang of things without breaking the bank or your drone. Furthermore, it is still competitive with higher end models such as the Mavic 2 series in terms of wind resistance and battery life - essential traits of a good drone.

For those that are tight on budget: DJI Spark

For leisure flyers seeking to maintain a healthy bank balance without sacrificing image quality too much, look no further than this. It is the most cost effective option and is the epitome of bang for your buck. Half the price of the Mavic air but not half the quality! The fallout in image quality may not even be discernible to the untrained eye.

For the best quality footage: Mavic 2 Pro

The flagship model. If top of the line performance is what you desire. It boasts a 1 inch Hasselblad Sensor, the brand which is utilised by professional photographers for brands such as Gucci and Chanel. Needless to say, image quality and low light performance is extraordinary. Those windows wallpaper-like shots need not stay a figment of your imagination, with high battery life guaranteeing you can soar higher and further for that perfect shot or footage. All this comes at a slight cost though - it is the heaviest amongst the lot, taking a fair amount of skill to fly without crashing. Nevertheless, as with life, nothing good comes easy.

For travellers/enthusiast: Mavic Mini

Designed specially for people on the go, targeting the inner adventurer in us, the Mavic mini's incredible mobility makes it a favourite of tourists and extreme adventure enthusiasts around the world. At a mere 249g it is lighter than some brands of phones and its petite size means it can easily be slipped into a backpack and brought up to the mountains or countryside. Impressively despite its compact size, Mavic Mini last up to 31 minutes of flight time and produces up to 30fps (2.7K) footage, hugely respectable for a drone of its calibre.

*image taken by renticulous's crew

Making that final call in deciding which drone is for you is indeed a hard call considering the multitude of options available in the market today. Hopefully we have contributed in helping you to at least narrow down your options and be more informed before making that call. At Renticulous we will always be on hand to provide help in any way possible, be it wanting to know more about drones in general or in depth questions regarding its functionalities. Once you have made that decision and have purchased or rented a drone, the next hurdle to overcome would of course be flying it. In this case the age old adage -practice makes perfect is never more applicable. Expect crashes bumps and bruises before you become a pro. Nevertheless when renting from us our friendly crew would provide a summarised crash course with you to get you off the ground.

*image taken by renticulous's crew

If you plan to travel sometime in the near future, do remember to check out the country's drone law as well!

Headed for that spectacular once in a lifetime trip around the world, or just seeking an experience playing with a cool piece of technology, look no further than Renticulous. Sometimes buying a drone may not be worth it if it does not suit your lifestyle - where it may tragically end up a one -use white elephant. Rent from us instead at the most affordable rates in Singapore!

*image taken by renticulous's crew

That marks the end of our blog, and we hope that you were both entertained and enlightened. Amidst the gloom of the COVID-19 we will continue to create more content for our beloved customers and work hard to find ways to improve our service. Our customers mean the world to us and we appreciate you! Looking forward to the end of this period and to brighter days ahead.


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