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Bundle Up!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As we venture and expand with more equipment, we understand that not every customer are familiar with what type of camera to use, which lighting to choose or what to rent to maximise your experience. Which is why we created different types of bundle specially for people who have problem choosing! Aside from the trouble in choosing, we created the bundles so that you can save more when you rent as a whole! Today's topic will cover what we provide and how you can benefit from it!

By renting our bundle, we have lowered our price up to 40%! (believe us when we say we are the cheapest in Singapore) while not shortchanging any of our customer.

A good example is our 'Content Creator Bundle', breaking down the price for each item for 1st day: A6 Series Camera: $40 Rode Video Mic Pro: $22 Manfrotto Befree Tripod: $12

GVM 480LS 3 Panel Light: $40

Total cost: $114 Bundle rates for 1st day: $70 You can save up $44 for this! And remember, rates get cheaper as you rent for a longer period! Check out some of the bundles we have below!

By renting our bundles you can eliminate the trouble of selecting different equipment and save on the total bill as well! Just choose and rent! Promotion will be valid till end of july! So book with us early to enjoy the discounted rates.

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