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Product/Food Photography Package

Product/Food Photography Package

Package include:
1 x Sony A6 Series Camera

1 x Tripod

1 x PULUZ Photo Studio Light Box Portable 60 x 60 x 60 cm Light Tent

(All individual item comes with their own package)

Package Price:
1 Day: $45 | 3 Day: $75 |

5 Day: $95 | 7 Day: $105 |

10 Day: $120 | 14 Day: $148 |

To Rent:
Please type in 'Photography Package' in our rental form

  • With the ongoing pandemic, businesses are venturing online and product photos are essential for consumers to determine if they are interested to purchase a certain product or meal.

    In the world of e-commerce, product photography is one of the only ways that you can visually grab the attention of your potential customers. With our product/food photography bundle, you can easily achieve instagrammable photos with proper setup and equipment!

    Price of bundle is almost 50% cheaper compare to renting individual items!

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