Frequently asked questions


My desired rental date is still few months away, am i able to reserve the equipment first?

Reservation can be as far away as 1 year! We recommend customers to confirm and reserve equipment early to avoid disappointment. Reservation of equipment can be made in these simple steps:
Browse through the equipment on our website

Like what you are seeing? Head to our rental form and fill up the necessary details

Our friendly staff will contact you personally to confirm the reservation!

I am a first time renter, I do not have any experience in renting the equipment, how do i go about it?

If you are a first time renter, we will require some documents from you to verify your details before renting any equipment to you. The documents required depends on your residency status in Singapore, and can include a combination of your NRIC/FIN/passport, latest bill statement (with your name and address on it), namecard, hotel billing and any other form of verifications. Please contact us and we will gladly guide you through the procedures. On the day of collection, please be reminded to bring your personal documents, Renticulous reserves the right to halt any rental of equipment if there is no form of verification from you.

Will i get a refund of my reservation/advance rental fee if i decided to cancel the rental?

As we go by a strict policy of reservation for our customer, reservation/advance rental fee are non refundable once confirmed. We do however allow the changing of equipment or date subjected to availability.

Is a deposit required? Will i be able to collect back my deposit?

Rest assured that deposit is refundable, Deposit is required upon collection and will be refunded during returning of equipment. Deposit amount will varied between different types of equipments. Renticulous reserves the right to hold onto your deposit if equipment is not returned on time, lost of equipment or any form of damages.

Do check out our Terms and Conditions to understand more!

I need the equipment at 7am! Do i have to pay an extra day to collect/return one day before/after?

We generally allow collection of equipment one day before the actual renting date, and return of equipment one day after. For example, if you rent from Tuesday to Friday, you can collect on monday between 5pm-7pm, and return on Saturday before 3pm.
Early collection or returning of equipment is welcomed! (Subjected to our availability)
Our staff will try our best to cater to any last minute changes or request.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am not able to return the equipment on time, what should I do?

Contact us immediately if you are unable to return the equipment on time. As some equipment are planned ahead on schedule, delayed of returning might results in the failiure of rental for the next customer, we will impose a penalty charge for any delayed in returning.

If equipment is not scheduled for any rental after you, we will proceed with your extension, only payment of extension is needed, no penalty charges will occur for given situation.

At any point of time an extension is turned down and you do not contact us or return your equipment to us before the due date, There will be a collection fee imposed which comprise the retail cost of the equipment plus collection's and attorney's fees and opportunity cost at non discounted rates. All fees are chargeable even if you return the equipment to us at a later date, as we cannot reverse the process. If we are still unable to resolve the problem, case will be reported as theft and investigation will be made by the authorities.

Is there any Insurance covered for the equipment?

Unfortunately we do not provide any insurance during the rental of our equipment. For a peace of mind during overseas travels, we recommend to get travel insurance to sufficiently cover the rented equipment. Do take note that you are fully accountable for any loss or damage to the rented equipment.

How do i know whether if the equipment is in good working condition?

For self collection, our staff will usually go through the equipment and ensure that everything is in good condition before renting it to you.
For delivery, we conduct before and after checks for our equipment, in any case if the equipment you received is in bad or non workable conditions, contact our staff immediately for a solution.

What if I think there is something wrong with the equipment that I have just rented?

Contact our staff immediately for any problems with the equipment, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Most of the problem can be easily rectify example wrong settings, weak battery, or user error. If the problem persist, we will try to replace your equipment (subjected to availability) to ensure there is no delay with your rental.

What if I damage the equipment?

We will access the damaged when equipment is returned. Please do not attempt to repair the item yourself or send in for repair. If repair is required, deposit will be put on hold and the repair cost will be deducted from it. If equipment is beyond reparation, Full amount will be charged according to the official price stated on official websites.

What constitutes a damage?

Any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass of a lens, impact damage to the body or the mechanicals, water or moisture damage, drones that are unable to fly are considered damage.

*Minor scuff marks to the barrel or hood of lenses and body of cameras are considered normal use, not damage.